Thursday, December 19, 2013


Another online resource that my students love is Zondle.

Zondle is a way to create online questions for your students.  I mostly use this site to help students study their vocabulary and grammar at home, since learning a foreign language requires lots of memorization.  I know other people who also use this site for in-class review and competitions.

You can either make your own question sets or find questions sets that other teachers have made.  Once you have a question set you can start playing; however, students cannot play a full set without an account.  I recommend creating classes for your students so you can take advantage of all the great teacher resources that Zondle offers.  Once you have created classes, you give your students the class code and they create their own usernames, no email required.

Here is why my students like Zondle:

  • They get to play a mini game after answering the question right
  • They get to compete with their classmates to earn the most Zollars
  • They actually take the time to study at home

Here is why I like Zondle:

  • I can see who is playing, how many times they play, and when they play
  • I can see what percentage of the material each student is getting right every time they play
  • I can see a graph of each student's scores over time for each question set
  • I can see who is making progress on each question set
  • I can see which questions students are missing the most
  • My students actually study at home
  • My student voluntarily use Zondle when we have extra class time
You can do many other things with Zondle like create online competitions to post to Edmodo, create ways for students to spend their Zollars, and even play games with people in other countries!

Interested??  Go ahead and try out this 8th grade Zondle game!

zondle - games to support learning

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